Residential Landscape Maintenance

Residential Landscape Maintenance Programs – Customized Just For You

Our residential landscape maintenance services are very accommodating to an individual budget. In New Hampshire, many homeowners like to cut their own lawns. We’re good with that. Sometimes folks just need a little help in the spring and in the fall cleaning up.

We can mulch your beds or deliver some mulch to you so you can do it yourself. If you haven’t kept up with your yard maintenance, and you have an event at your house, we can come in ahead of time and make everything “clean and green.”

How Our Yard Maintenance Services Work

Our yard maintenance services are “à la carte” and client-directed. When you call our office for any yard maintenance service, our staff will email you a digital form to fill out. Simply select any service you’d like our crews to perform. Our pricing and billing procedures for each service are on this form.

Seasonal Landscape Maintenance List

Here are brief descriptions of the seasonal landscape maintenance services that residential clients may choose:

Landscaped area with fir trees and shrubs with fresh mulch

Spring Cleanup

This includes your first mowing of the season, lawn thatching, blowing down the yard, and cleaning out all planting areas of winter debris. Edging and weeding can be added upon request.

Closeup of flower bed edging

Bed Edging

Bed edging defines the separation of mulch beds and the lawn which it occupies. Edging may also be done along walks and driveways to eliminate an overgrown lawn. This service can be à la carte or included in the Spring Cleanup.

Closeup of man's feet and bottom of riding lawn mower

Weekly Mowing

Weekly cutting of the lawn at the proper height for the season and weather conditions to keep it looking freshly groomed. Includes trimming of all grass edges along the house, fences, driveways, walkways, and mulch beds and also blowing down of all walkways and your driveway when done.

Fresh mulched flowerbed

Bed Mulching

Replenishes beds that have lost mulch or color. A fresh layer of mulch is used to hold in moisture for shrubs and plants and also helps suppress weeds. We use a bark mulch blower to apply the mulch unless hand-mulching is specifically requested.

Closeup of irrigation system sprinkler

Irrigation Startup

Turning on your irrigation system. This includes checking the valves, controller, and sprinkler heads for proper operation and adjustment.

Hand with red pruners trimming tree

Tree & Shrub Pruning

Pruning or trimming of all ornamental shrubs, plants, and/or trees (10’ maximum height) to allow them to keep their shape, remain healthy, and prevent overgrowth. Pruning is typically a one-time service done in mid- to late summer, though some properties may require or opt for this service more often.

Red pickup truck by tree with fallen leaves all around

Fall Cleanups

Fall Cleanup includes mowing and removing the majority of leaves and pine needles from lawn areas and mulch beds. Additional disposal fees may apply.

Closeup of lawn aerator machine

Core Aeration & Overseeding

Core aeration relieves soil compaction, helps increase the thickness of your lawn and make it more heat and drought tolerant. Overseeding and fertilizer are two options available with this service.

Irrigation system being blown out

Irrigation Winterizing

Blowing out of all sprinkler lines, valves, and heads for the winter season. This MUST be done to prevent damage to your system over the winter.

From the early scheduling in February, to the spring clean up to the fall clean up and everything in between is so professional…I could not be any happier!

Michael St. Germain

Don’t Wait Until Spring To Sign Up For Landscape Maintenance Services!

If you’d like to take advantage of our flexible landscape maintenance services – you don’t have to wait until spring! Our friendly office staff is available any time to answer your questions.