Fall Leaf Cleanups

Fall Leaf Cleanup Services Prepares Your Yard for Winter

In New Hampshire we can’t get enough of our fall foliage – until it’s on the ground! When that happens, we want those leaves gone as soon as possible. Not only are downed leaves unsightly and a safety risk, but they are also not good for your lawn. Our fall leaf cleanup services are the best way to prepare your yard for winter and a healthy start in the spring.

Should you mulch leaves into your lawn?

Some folks think it’s a good idea to “leave the leaves” overwinter or mow the leaves with a lawn mower to mulch them into the grass. While these methods sound nice (and easy) – there are some real concerns with allowing leaf matter to sit on your lawn over winter:

  • Leaves can encourage fungus growth in the spring
  • Leaves are high in carbon, which draws nitrogen from the soil – an essential nutrient that your lawn needs
  • Leaves can lower the pH of your lawn’s soil, requiring more lime applications
  • Leaves are much heavier to clean up in the spring
Pile of leaves with rake on top

Fall Cleanups are Quick and Easy With Giant Landscaping

At Giant Landscaping, we do a LOT of fall cleanups. Out of all the landscape maintenance services we offer, leaf cleanups are by far the most popular. With good reason! It is physically demanding. It requires special equipment. We know lots of homeowners who love to mow their lawns; however, we never met one who loves to clean up leaves!

We would like to say that we are very pleased with the work that the 5 fellows did cleaning up our yard. They even did more than we expected and were done in an hour. I would definitely recommend Giant Landscaping for your yard cleanup!

Chet Marcotti

Fall Leaf Cleanup FAQs

A: We have a leaf vac truck and can certainly do that - or we can dispose of them on-site. All fall cleanup services are billed hourly so it’s really just a matter of what the client prefers.

A: Most of our clients have us come once - usually between mid-October and mid-November; however, our crews are available to clean up the leaves weekly if desired.

A: If the leaves are heavy, our mowing crews are instructed to blow the leaves off the lawn into the beds before cutting. Weekly mowing services typically end the last week of November.

A: We do not provide estimates for any residential maintenance services. Fall leaf cleanups are billed hourly with a minimum of 6 service-hours on-site.

A: We only provide leaf vacuum services on properties where we are cleaning up the leaves. Check with your local city to see if they provide leaf removal services.

A: You can call the office any time from mid-October through mid-November. However, to get the fastest service it’s best to sign up early using Our Seasonal Maintenance Sign-Up form.

Other Fall Landscape Maintenance Services

In addition to cleaning up leaves, we are busy providing these fall landscape maintenance services to both residential and commercial clients:

  • Shrub Trimming Tree Pruning
  • Lawn Aeration and Over-Seeding
  • Irrigation System Winterizing

Are you tired of raking your yard and stuffing leaves into paper tubes? Give Giant Landscaping a call to clean up your leaves this fall!