Mulching Services

Bed Mulching Services

After a long winter, there is nothing more refreshing to see than a fresh coating of bark mulch on planting beds. Even though spring is a very busy time at Giant Landscaping, we make it a point to get that bark mulch down as quickly as possible!

The bed mulching services we offer can happen three different ways:

A beautiful yard after spring cleanup services

Bed Edging and Mulching

Many of our residential and commercial clients have already signed up for spring cleanup services before spring arrives. This is the best way to  ensure that everything on your property will be done as early as possible.

Bed edging and mulching is typically offered with our spring cleanup services. A freshly cut lawn edge will really make your beds pop, and it prevents grass encroachment throughout the growing season. We can install the mulch either manually (with wheelbarrows and rake) or by using our bark blower.

Once again Giant Landscapers did not disappoint. They are back today to do the bark mulching. Kyle and his team are awesome. They did an impeccable job.

Annette Beaulieu

Bark Blowing is a great option for clients who have larger yards and like to do their own bed edging and bed prep. If their property needs more than 3 yards of mulch, we can install it with our bark blower and save them a delivery fee.

Bark Blowing Services

Over 90% of our mulch is installed using a bark blower. It is a faster and more economical way to install mulch. Our bark blowing services are charged by the yardage installed, rather than by the hour. In most cases, we will use 10-20% less mulch because the machine fans it out efficiently across the bed.

Bark Mulch Delivery Services

Another way we get that mulch out as fast as possible in the springtime is through our bark mulch delivery services. This is typically for the homeowner who likes to move and spread the bark mulch themselves.

Tired of buying bagged mulch?

Considering bagged mulch products at the home improvement store can cost well over $100 per yard – not to mention your time driving to pick it up – buying your mulch in bulk is significantly cheaper, even when you factor in a delivery fee.

Most landscape supply yards have 2- or 3-yard minimums. But not at Giant Landscaping! Our minimum order is only ½ yard! This means buying bark mulch in bulk is even an option for folks with smaller planting beds who normally buy bagged mulch products.