Landscape Maintenance Services in Merrimack, NH

Landscape Services in Merrimack, NH

While Merrimack, New Hampshire, seems to be a sleepy bedroom community with a population of about 26,000, it has a surprising number of commercial businesses, manufacturing facilities and retail stores. Dotted all along its two main northbound routes – the Everett Turnpike and Daniel Webster Highway – you’ll find big-name employers like Fidelity investments and BAE Systems; retail stores like Brookstone and The Merrimack Outlets. There are hotels and restaurants as well as dozens of condominium communities. Perhaps the most notable point of interest is the Anheuser-Busch Brewery that hosts tours and events like the Rock-n-Ribfest, entertaining thousands of visitors every year.

There’s a Big Need for Landscaping Services in Merrimack New Hampshire!

All of these businesses – and many smaller ones – require landscape maintenance services to some degree. Anheuser-Busch sets the bar high for commercial landscape services in Merrimack New Hampshire, with meticulously manicured grounds and a continual rotation of seasonal color.

As a commercial business or as a homeowner, do you want your place to look like Anheuser-Busch year-round? Or do you just need it trimmed up and looking neat? At Giant Landscaping, our crews provide a full spectrum of commercial landscape services based on the clients’ need and budget:

Municipal Water – What This Means for Landscape Irrigation Systems

With the pumping station for Pennichuck Water Works located here, there’s never a shortage of water pressure; in fact, some irrigation systems in Merrimack, New Hampshire, can run seven or eight lawn sprinkler heads on one zone – as opposed to the recommended maximum of 5.

Having a municipal water supply in your town is a mixed blessing. On the one hand, you have great pressure and an unlimited supply; on the other hand – during droughts – municipal water supplies often issue water bans that limit how often you can water your lawn.

Commercial property managers and homeowners in Merrimack should also be aware of certain irrigation maintenance and repair issues specific to municipal water customers.

Irrigation Maintenance and Repairs in Merrimack New Hampshire

High-pressure water service can cause older irrigation systems or incorrectly installed ones to leak and need repairs. Watch for excessive puddling or sinking valve boxes. Where water conservation is a priority, irrigation system controllers should be up-to-date with odd/even day setting options and properly functioning rain sensors. If connected to the municipal sewer system, it’s wise to have a deduct meter installed. Sewer fees are based on water usage. Since water used outside the home does not enter the sewer system, municipalities will deduct those gallons from your sewer bill.

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