Hydroseeding Services

Quality Hydroseeding Services for Southern NH

In 2014, Giant Landscaping purchased Green Acres Hydroseeding in an effort to become less dependent upon subcontractors to complete this critical step in the lawn installation process. The results have been phenomenal! We are now able to control the quality of soil preparation in the new lawns we install, as well as providing subcontracted hydroseeding services for other landscape contractors.

The Benefits of Hydroseed

Customized seed blends. One great advantage in providing hydroseeding services for contractors is our ability to customize the seed blends. We use top-quality Pennington grass seed in each mix. For full sun sites that may not get all the water they should, Park and Athletic blend makes a tough, drought-resistant turf. Some locations have limited sun.

Our sun and shade or deep shade blend will thrive with minimal sunlight. Our most popular seed blend is landscaper mix – a disease-resistant blend of fescues, bluegrass, and perennial rye that performs well in both full sun and partial shade.

Superior erosion control. One of the greatest advantages for hydroseeding a construction site is erosion control. Hydroseed is a mixture of paper mulch, grass seed and fertilizer. That’s why it grows so quickly! At Giant Landscaping, we take an extra step in preventing soil erosion by using a corn/paper or wood fiber/paper mulch as well as adding in a tackifier to hold the soil and seed in place until germination.

A: We will hydroseed any size yard, however there is a minimum charge of $750 to hydroseed.

A: Your best chance for a successful lawn is with hydroseed; however, we cannot guarantee results because there are too many variables with growing a lawn that are out of our control – such as watering, weeds and soil preparation.

A: the best time to hydroseed a lawn in New Hampshire is between August and the end of September because the soil temperatures are warm and weed competition is less. Hydroseed can be applied in the spring as well but be prepared for weed growth throughout the summer. Weeds come from seed that are always present in loam. However, because they are annual weeds, they will die in the fall – at which time the lawn will fill in.

A: We will only provide hydroseeding services on soil prepared by other contractors.

A: There are no weed seeds in hydroseed mix; there are always weed seeds dormant in screened loam. These seeds become active when raked to the surface. The best way to reduce weed competition in your new lawn is to hydroseed in the fall.

A: Hydroseed costs considerably less than sod but more than broadcast spreading. However, the success rate of a hydro-seeded lawn is higher than broadcast seeding. It will produce a thicker lawn that resembles sod faster than broadcast seeding as well.

A: We can but we choose not to because the wildflower seeds get stuck in the tank. This will contaminate the turf grass seed that we are applying to lawns.