Night Lighting in NH

I love this time of year. Besides the anticipation of snow, it’s the night lighting that appears all over NH as people showcase their homes for the holidays. Do you say, “Hey, I never noticed that house before! It sure is pretty.”?

Night lighting highlights your house at nightime when there isn’t much else to look at. The effects that can be created with light also makes it look different than it does in the daytime.

Shed in backyard landscaped and with night lighting

From a safety perspective, ambient and reflected light is easier on the eyes than security lighting, especially for the elderly. The same 200 watts can be spread out over 10 fixtures in a low-voltage lighting system, and cost less in electricity.

And speaking of security lighting, what good is it to have one bright spot in front of your house? The brighter the light, the darker the shadow for someone to hide in. There are many benefits to a professional lighting system.

Those holiday spotlights on the house will come down after the holidays, but they don’t have to. Call Giant Landscaping today for landscape lighting ideas and a free estimate on a professional lighting system that will paint your house with light- every night!