We Are Green SnowPro Certified Contractors!

The temperature is 87° outside – so what are we thinking about at Giant Landscaping? Snow – of course! That’s because Tim, Jeff, and Roger just completed the state certification training and are now part of an elite group of New Hampshire snow warriors that are known as “Green SnowPro Certified Contractors.”

Snow and ice management is serious business here at Giant Landscaping. It represents over 50% of our gross annual revenue. Currently, we are running 13 trucks, 4 skid steers, and 2 front-end loaders in any given storm. Our operations center on Hanover Street in Manchester is open 24 hours throughout the storm. When it’s not snowing, we are still moving snow or treating our parking lots with salt-sand.

Snow removal services in New Hampshire are a very competitive industry. From our perspective, though, being truly competitive is not just about delivering the best price on snowplowing services, it’s about being professional and adding value. From day one, we positioned our company to be able to take on the more challenging commercial snowplowing clientele – restaurants, retail stores and condominiums – by training our operators in the latest snow and ice management techniques. Giant Landscaping has been a member of the Snow and Ice Management Association (SIMA) since 2010. Now we have added another feather in our cap as Green SnowPro Certified contractors.

What is “Green SnowPro Certified?” This is a voluntary training and certification program provided by the University of New Hampshire in conjunction with the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services that teaches advanced snow and ice management techniques to salt applicators in both state and municipal positions, as well as commercial snow removal contractors.

New Hampshire Certified Green SnowPro logo

The goal of the program is to reduce the impact that road salt has on watershed areas by training salt applicators in the state to use road salt more efficiently. This is done by accurately calibrating equipment and closely monitoring weather conditions, as well as other techniques. New Hampshire is the only state in the country to have such a program available to private contractors.

Why do you care? When you hire a Green Snow Pro certified contractor, you receive the same liability protections as municipalities have against lawsuits! In November 2013 the NH state passed legislation (RSA 508:22) providing liability protection to any contractor who completed and passed the Green SnowPro training course and became certified by NHDES as a Certified Salt Applicator. RSA 508:22 provides NHDES certified contractors and those who hire them with liability protection from damages (like slip-and-falls) that may arise from snow and ice conditions.

By hiring us, our clients are helping the environment, receiving legal protections under state law, all the while getting the same quality snow removal services that they have come to expect from Giant Landscaping.

This is exciting news. It makes us anxious for snow. How about you?

Never mind. Enjoy your summer!